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Joe Swinski, Massage Therapist

Joe Swinski, Licensed Massage Therapist is a member  of the American Massage Therapy Association.  Joe holds certifications as a Kinesio Taping Practitioner and as a Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist.


With over 15 years experience, Joe has worked in clinical settings both at Kent County Hospital and in other chiropractic offices. He has also worked extensively in a spa/holistic healthcare setting in private practice as well as at All That Matters.


Sessions are individualized based on patient need and utilize a variety of techniques including deep tissue, cupping, IASTM and trigger point therapy.


Joe lives in Cranston with his wife and two daughters. 

Member of the American Massage Therapy Assoiciation
Certified Myoskeletal Therapist
Member of the AMTA Crisis Management Team



“After 18 years of gymnastics, my body is pretty beat up, to say the least. Whip lash after whip lash resulted in regular migraines, which could only be alleviated before with medicine and caffeine. At 22-years-old, I didn't want to have to rely on pain medication to make it through the day. After I started seeing Joe, my migraines have slowed tremendously to the point where they only come on when I'm stressed. Joe uses different techniques depending on where you're feeling the most pain. He also teaches you ways to correct your posture and to work out any pain while at home. I've recommended Joe to all of my athletic friends. Popping pain relievers is not the only way to deal with migraines and pain - massage therapy works!”

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