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Routine chiropractic care can provide a wealth of benefits for aging bodies. 

Proper spinal care increases mobility, reduces pain and helps maintain coordination and balance. What does this mean to you? A healthier, more active and independent lifestyle!



Benefits of Chiropractic for the Elderly

The health of the spine significantly and often rapidly deteriorates with age making spinal care increasingly important with each passing year for seniors.

The extent to which we maintain good spinal function in our later years will determine how likely it is for our balance to remain good, our posture erect, our muscles strong, our movements coordinated.

Sensory input from normal spinal movement as a result of chiropractic treatment will keep the brain and organs functioning at a higher level for seniors.

"Dr. Dwyer has changed my life in a very positive way. I am an active practitioner of Pilates and yoga. I came to him with a hip problem that interfered with my activities. His excellent assessment of the situation and ensuing care alleviated my discomfort. I plan to continue working with him to increase mobility in that hip. I highly recommend him as a chiropractor." - J.D., age 60

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