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Children are not exempt from having poorly functioning spines. Spinal problems in children may originate during the birthing process, as a result of the many small traumas that occur during play, or as a result of major accidents.


Regardless of their cause, spinal problems can lead to postural imbalances or seemingly insignificant strains that stay with a child throughout their development leading to more significant problems later in life.



Benefits of Chiropractic for Children

Research in the field of neuroscience has found that the developing brain relies heavily upon normal input from the musculoskeletal system with the most powerful input coming from spinal structures. This input has been termed an essential nutrient for proper nervous system function and healthy human development.

These findings establish chiropractic as an important wellness and preventative intervention for children as chiropractic is well equipped to restore and/or improve sensory input from spinal structures.

Chiropractic care is safe for children. Procedures for children are specialized and differ from those performed on adults.

"My 17 month old son has had 20 ear infections! We were making weekly visits to his doctor. He was almost always on antibiotics and was getting two treatments per day for his asthma. I brought him to Dr. Dwyer who adjusted him and recommended dietary changes. We saw results almost immediately. He has not been sick since his chiropractic care began and he no longer takes any medication." 

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