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Chiropractic examines the relationship between structure and function and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health.

Chiropractic focuses on the spine as it is the central structure of the body and contains the spinal cord.



The Human Spine:

  • is the most powerful interface between body structure and function providing a unique window for influencing health.

  • affects the function of the nervous system and therefore all of the body's organs.

  • is of central importance in posture, movement and balance.

  • distributes and disperses stress and tension in the body.

Scientific research has demonstrated that an unhealthy spine produces excessive tension in the spinal cord resulting in measurable changes in nerve function from normal to abnormal. Abnormal neurological function is the basis for many health problems.

Normal spinal function is necessary for optimal performance. Good posture, proper gait and body movement, normal respiration, good balance and strong muscles are all dependent on a healthy spine. Most importantly, the spine is seamlessly integrated with the nervous system and provides key sensory input to the brain. A healthy spine allows for flow of the normal nerve impulses necessary to maintain a high degree of coordinated body functions.

One of the goals of care is to help you establish a healthy spine. Through this you can attain the greatest degree of structural integrity and body function that is naturally possible for you.

Chiropractic: It's Philosophy and Art

There is a profound and beautiful fact of life. That is, life is imbued with intelligence.

Chiropractic philosophy recognizes this fact, stating that at the depth of all natural processes is an inner intelligence that acts continually to organize and evolve the organism.

Freeing this inner intelligence, enhancing its' action, is the art of chiropractic.

It is the art of working with individuals to bring out their greatest health.

Chiropractic works to relieve one from the burden of past traumas, injuries and stresses, and allows for the natural, spontaneous expression of ones most healthy, evolved state.

Through chiropractic, your experience of life can remain fresh and vital.

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