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Subluxation and the Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations occurring in the cranial/spinal/pelvic structural complex.

A subluxation is a neurological phenomenon, occurring as a result of stress overload from injury, trauma, toxins, allergens, or psychological and emotional sources. It manifests as an area of abnormal tone or tension.

Subluxations occur either from an inability to effectively process ordinary stresses, as in the case of a person who has been under prolonged stress and whose vitality has decreased, or as the result of excessive stress overload. This can occur even in healthy individuals.

The existence of subluxation itself becomes an added stress on an individual, making it more difficult to function optimally and contributing to a downward spiral with regards to health and vitality.

The art of Chiropractic is detection and correction of subluxation.

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