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Good sleep has perhaps a more profound impact on health than any other factor and is often the most overlooked. Sleep disorders and sleep deprivation, as well as medical prescriptions to aid sleep, are increasing.

Our culture puts a high value on being productive, informed and entertained, and less value on maintaining normal sleep cycles.

Some tips for establishing good sleep:

  1. Avoid stimulants, from mid-afternoon on.
  2. Avoid alcohol consumption, particularly close to bed time.
  3. Establish a time for sleep and try to be regular (Don't go with the flow of the day).
  4. Unplug from electrical equipment for a period of time before bed.
  5. Do activities for stress reduction and relaxation before bedtime such as journaling, light reading, light stretching, breathing exercises, self massage or a hot shower.
  6. Maintain a quiet environment in the bedroom and make it as dark as possible.
  7. Do not have your computer or television in the bedroom.

Good sleep is also dependent on our overall state of health and the level of stress, tension and discomfort in the physical body. A sound program of chiropractic adjustments, yoga, meditation, good diet, and exercise will improve the quality of sleep.


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