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These days nearly everyone appreciates the link between good diet and good health. A wealth of information is available on the subject, however, not everyone agrees on what constitutes a good diet. Much of the information is contradictory, seems to change quickly, and is driven by marketing. Further complicating the subject is the fact that the right diet varies from individual to individual depending on body type, metabolism, level of activity, etc.

The first step in sorting our way through the confusion is adherence to the set of sound dietary principles listed below:

  1. Eat natural foods.
  2. Eat whole foods.
  3. Eat high quality foods.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  5. Eat less animal food.
  6. Eat less sugar.
  7. Eat less flour products.
  8. Eat regularly.
  9. Eat less.

One of the best things you can do to get a handle on your diet is to make a close observation of what you are actually eating. A Diet Diary is an invaluable tool for this. Simply write down everything that you eat and drink for a period of seven typical, consecutive days. Do longer if you can, but seven is usually long enough to see the reality. Also, make a note of the time of day that you ate, if you over-ate (in your opinion) and if you were relaxed while you were eating. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll discover if your diet adheres to the above principles!

Dr. Dwyer assists patients in evaluating their Diet Diary and makes specific recommendations for supplementation if necessary.


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